About Freddie Bell

Artist Statement

My identity as a queer and transgender person informs how I see and move through the world and is a fundamental influence in all my work. I am interested in exploring the binaries and systems we have created for ourselves as individuals and communities. Language is important for expressing our experiences, but labels become limiting when we become too attached to them. I explore this through loose shape and varied repetition. I enjoy playing with color and its relationship to shape and space. No two things are exactly the same, though we may perceive and understand them to be. Through my practice, I seek to gain a deeper understanding of our existence outside of binaries and limitations. It has always been my instinct to draw and create. I access that inherent energy from a place of both intuition and intention. I enjoy allowing what happens to happen while developing and pushing a full piece. I am inspired by artists, friends, and community leaders that exhibit authenticity. I strive to work intuitively and access an inner presence free from judgment of self to authentically express my identity and understanding of the world around me. 

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